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Adhering to the directions of development in education in accordance with the requirements of the international standard Kazakh Eli learned, developing fundamentally new approaches. Open in the formation of new universities and institutes in various fields of production, developed in the country with science. Preschool, primary, basic, secondary and vocational education in the development of the technical stages of developing a network. Kazakhstan youth, the country’s fate is in the hands of talented young people, future generations, aware that somalilife in Dushanbe, informed the Soviet absence in space, a gymnasium, a Polytechnic Lyceum is progressing towards the improvement of Humanities education, as it opened a new path, everyone has predispositions, abilities, can to becoming,self-realization in the concrete road clearly revealed.

Everyone has the opportunity to choose the path of his future. Being one of the first to that end, the center, brings together the gifted children in our district as part of a system of secondary education in Beyneu opened the Lyceum and the gymnasium school was developed separately. At the national level in the framework of the “Bolashak” program with the aim of training national personnel In foreign developed aimed at youth development, continued training of national staff of the institution actively working continuously. One of these is the first in the history of the equality of men and women ” Beineu Polytechnic College are the updates that we have already been born. A network of technical and vocational education and training professionals and skilled workers within secondary vocational, post-secondary technical main routine implemented by the system instance. Now all yrsi deprivation Nesbitt that contribute to the development of Independent Kazakhstan, conducted in the sphere of the state municipal government enterprise three out of ten Beineu Polytechnic College (pred) ously in the chronicle. Ausality its development, improvement, developing, region, oblast, rayon offspring of young people, growing and improving, not more than the contribution to the formation of more.

The resolution of the akimat of Mangistau region dated 26 March 2004, No. 63-th inter-school training and production plant reorganization by the decision of the ex-Beyneu “vocational school” created state institution. Working from 1 July 2004. The decision of the Governor’s office of 20 December 2005 No. 414 schools of the Department of education in Mangystau region Beineu “state institution” vocational school, and in the resolution of the akimat of the region from 22.05.2008 № 373 school “education in Mangystau region Beineu vocational Lyceum” state municipal government enterprise is The resolution of the akimat of Mangistau region from 03.08.2012, No. 191 resolution “Beineu Polytechnic College” state municipal government enterprise conducts work according to international standards was created.