College mission

State Enterprise “Beineu Polytechnic College” SMSE


Beineu Polytechnic College took the first place among the polytechnic colleges located in rural areas of the country for the third year in a row as a result of the evaluation of the republican technical and vocational education organizations organized by the non-profit joint-stock company “Holding TALAP”. among vocational education organizations.


Training of qualified personnel through the implementation of technical and vocational education programs with the help of innovative learning technologies.

The College pursues a quality policy aimed at ensuring a high level of educational programs, continuous satisfaction of market requirements through the provision of innovative educational services.

 The college is always guided by the interests and expectations of consumers. The educational programs of the college form a high level of professional knowledge of graduates, which meets the requirements of the labor market and allows them to adapt to practical activities.

Management takes a leading position in ensuring the achievement of goals, continuous improvement of interconnected processes of management through the introduction and implementation of innovative projects based on a process approach. An atmosphere of cooperation has been created at the college, which allows employees of all levels to work effectively.

The college supports the professional development of teachers and students by creating conditions for improving their skills, methodological skills, academic leadership, corporate culture and attracting staff. In order to achieve effective decision-making, the College pursues a strategy of continuous improvement through monitoring, market research and response to changes in internal and external conditions. In order to achieve sustainable success and manage relationship management, the college creates demand on the basis of business cooperation with employers, organizations in the region, expands the market for services in order to further employ graduates and strengthen the competitive advantage of the college as a reliable partner in the market.

Adopted by the decision of the Pedagogical Council

Protocol “29” 08 № 1 of 2020