Description of specialties

1.educational code and profile: 0500000 – Service, economics and management. Specialty: 0508000 – catering qualification: 0508012-Cook. Type of training: full-time. Standard training period: 2 years and 10 months on the basis of Basic Secondary Education close specialties: Pastry Chef, calculator, waiter, bartender, service manager, Baker. Areas of professional activity: public catering establishments: restaurants, bars, canteens, pastry shops, cafes.

Description of the profession

The chef is a qualified specialist who processes raw materials mechanically, prepares food by heat treatment of culinary products, and is able to divide it into portions. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the quality of finished food, organize a workplace in production shops, work creatively, have artistic and imaginative abilities, and work carefully and efficiently.

2.educational code and profile: 0800000 – oil and gas and chemical production. Specialty: 0801000-technology of drilling and drilling of oil and gas wells (by Profile. Qualification: 080108 2-drilling rig driver

Duration of training: full-time

Size training period: 2 years and 10 months on the basis of Basic Secondary Education
10 months on the basis of general secondary education

Areas of professional activity
Services; industry

Description of the specialty
A drilling rig driver is a qualified specialist engaged in the management and maintenance of the structural complex of the drilling rig. The drilling rig driver disassembles, assembles equipment and vending machines, centralizes and regulates malfunctions, conducts current and major repairs of engines. Takes measures to prevent malfunctions in power and drilling equipment, power units and engines of diesel generators and other stations. Performs and regulates the repair of automatic protection systems of force units and gas distribution and fuel supply of force units,lubrication, cooling of the system. Provides the need for modes of operation of force units and engines that depend on the time of year and drilling conditions. Works with technical documentation, reads diagrams, drawings. In modern working conditions, the drilling rig driver requires comprehensive knowledge, knowledge of the computer.

3.Education Code and profile: 0800000 – oil and gas and chemical production. Specialty: 0809000-operation of oil and gas fields. Qualification: 080905 2-oil and gas production operator. Type of training: full-time. Size period of training: 2 years and 10 months on the basis of Basic Secondary Education

Related specialties
Underground well repair operator, hydraulic floor disconnection operator, Well research operator, remote control operator in oil and gas production

Areas of professional activity
Services; industry

Description of the profession
The oil and gas production operator carries out technological processes in oil and gas production methods, provides services, disassembles and accumulates equipment and mechanisms.. Performs work of complex gas preparation plants, group metering plants, underground gas storage stations and other facilities in compliance with the established well operation regime. The oil industry collects and develops and repairs equipment and mechanisms of fittings. High pressure steam treatment of underground and surface Wells. Determines the indicators of control and automation tools. Provides information to operators and managers about malfunctions in the operation of wells and other oilfield Wells. Maintenance of communications of gaslift Wells. Knowing the indicators of the devices that measure the work of gas pipelines, they calculate the flow rate of gas and liquids. Modern oil and gas production operators require comprehensive knowledge and computer skills.

4.educational code and profile: 0800000 – oil and gas and chemical production.Specialty: 0819000-technology of oil and gas processing (by Profile).Qualification: 0819073 – technician-technologist

Type of training: full-time

Standard training period: 3 years and 10 months on the basis of Basic Secondary Education

Close professions
Operator of technological installations, driver of pumping units, driver of compressor units, operator of oil pumping stations, Laboratory Assistant, Laboratory Assistant for gas and dust discussion, chemical engineer, environmentalist, chemist-Laboratory Assistant, Chemist-analyst.

Areas of professional activity: industry
Description of specialties
The form of professional activity of a technologist is the technological processes of installations at oil and gas processing plants, conducting complex analyses of oil and gas products. The technician-technologist monitors and regulates the technological parameters of processes, organizes the work of the team on the accident-free operation of technological equipment, monitors the cost of raw materials, the amount of auxiliary materials and reagents, monitors the quality of raw materials and the final stages of production. He reads drawings, works with technical documents, and has a computer.

5.profile of education: 1000000 Metallurgy and mechanical engineering. Specialty: 1013000 mechanical processing, measuring and control tools and automation in production

Qualification: 1013073- ” mechanical technician»

The training period is 2 years 10 months, 3 years 10 months

General characteristics of the specialty

Work on the main methods of measuring technological parameters, typical measuring and automation tools.Production of start-up repair of potentiometer automatic bridge, regulator and complex measuring devices.Formation of skills in determining repair and replacement types of equipment.Performing the installation of standard means of measuring the performance of installation works, a shield building, electrical cables and pipeline networks.

  1. . Profile of Education: specialty 1108000 “operation, repair and maintenance of railway rolling stock” (ERPs)

Graduate qualification: electrician
Training period: 3 years 10 months, 2 years 10 months
An electrician is the head of the middle group of the enterprise for the economic organization of railway rolling stock in various enterprises related to the maintenance, repair and operation of railway rolling stock, as well as railway transport.

In the educational process, students undergo the following types of experience::

Training: locksmith, electrical and welding work on the repair of rolling stock; registration of the first documents on calculation and statistical reporting;production: technology of performing works in the maintenance of rolling stock, technical lighting of Depot departments and workshops; rules of work on the main components and parts of rolling stock, methods and means of their maintenance, rules for their disconnection and connection;production diploma: Organization of work in the depot on the operation and repair of rolling stock; characteristics of management with the production process; application of computer equipment within the framework of professional activities; search and determination of rolling stock serviceability.

  1. educational and profile code: 1200000-production, assembly, operation and repair (for each industry)
    Specialty: 1201000 ” maintenance and operation of vehicles»

Qualification: 1201123-mechanic technician

Type of training: full-time

Term of study: Basic Secondary Education: 2 years 10 months, 3 years on the basis of 10 months.

Close – knit professions:locksmith-repairman, auto mechanic.
Areas of professional activity
Service: service, industry

Description of the specialty
The specialty of mechanical technician is universal in the field of road transport operation.In accordance with their professional training, the technician-mechanic, technical and technological documentation carries out the work,professional activities of complex technical systems in the field of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles,such as the management, development and design of the primary production unit.A specialist technician-mechanic can engage in commercial activities in the field of wholesale and retail motor vehicles. Its activities are also aimed at preventing problems in road transport.The duties of a technician-mechanic include requiring subordinate employees to organize work, monitoring compliance with safety regulations with works on repair and maintenance of motor vehicles, registration of primary documents on the account of compliance with safety and Fire Protection Equipment, Working hours and the flow of operating materials.A mechanic is a specialist working in the field of applied or theoretical mechanics. They provide maintenance of industrial facilities and operational mechanical systems or various devices. A specialist in Mechanical Engineering has a wide range of technological progress in modern life, so it is either very popular or in wide demand. Working mechanics can work with tools that perform maintenance and repair of the car, auxiliary or special diagnostics of the technical condition of the car, and control motor vehicles.

  1. specialization: 1203000 automation, telemechanics and traffic management in railway transport

Graduate qualification: technician

Duration of training:

3 years 10 months, 2 years 10 months
Type of training: full-time, part-time