The library is one of the cultural places for comprehensive education and upbringing. In order to improve the skills and knowledge of students, the College library is a spiritual Treasury.The library is a great school of education for readers, a magical and Holy Horde, where you can find answers to countless questions. The book is a fruit of human thought, filled with time and space, a powerful tool for the development of cultural forces. The library of Beineu Polytechnic College is developing along with the development of this educational institution. The total volume of the library is 31.6 m2.

Library work schedule:
Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.
Saturday-from 9:00 to 13:00.

The task of the library:

High-quality and fast service to readers is the main task of College librarians. Carrying out technical processing of books, organizing the Fund, forming a Fund of documents in accordance with the needs of readers, storing in the state and other languages in traditional and modern sources of information. Organizes reader service on a subscription, in the reading room, in the electronic reading room. Currently, the College’s library collection covers all areas of activity. The library collection is 19,344 copies. Textbooks 14278 copies, fiction 4280 copies, textbooks 786 copies. Electronic textbooks 228-PCs. A large volume of educational and methodological manuals, literature, reference and bibliographic manuals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, various publications, fiction, periodicals. The library’s Fund is replenished with folio collections, Mektep library, etc. There are various ways to promote books. The College librarian organized a book exhibition on the theme: “library Rules»

Season ticket

The subscription provides readers with textbooks, educational and methodical literature and scientific literature for use outside the library.

Activities of the library subscription:

organization of the process of registration and re-registration of readers

organization of effective, optimal, prompt and high-quality service for teachers, students and staff of the College;

analysis of book availability and reading for the purpose of additional replenishment of the Fund and full satisfaction of readers ‘ requests;

dealing with unsatisfactory demand and debt-ridden readers;

Advisory assistance to the reader in the choice of information

Reading room

Allows College students to fully prepare for their studies. In the book Fund of the reading halls are collected the books and periodicals in all branches.

Areas of activity of the reading room:

individual and group library and information services for users

– consulting on information search;

control of documents submitted from the reading room;

execution of reference and information orders;

holding open exhibition events.

In the reading room, teachers and students get acquainted with the news of publications, prepare essays, and consult librarians.


The library is issued from 36 views of newspapers and magazines: “Teacher of the Republic”,” teacher of all professions”, “SAPR and graphics”, “Egemen Kazakhstan”,” Educational Technology”,” College of Professional Education”,” State Order of Surak and answer”,” Self-Study “and Dr. educational achievements: “education”, “Physics and astronomy” and Dr. public and political views: “Mangistau”, “Alashustazy”, “civilization”, “patriot of Kazakhstan” and Dr