Deputy head of Information Technology


Umirzakova Anar Kamysbaevna graduated from the Kazakh University of Engineering Pedagogical Peoples in Information Science.

From 1999 to 2002 she worked as an Informatics Teacher at Opornny High School. Since 2002 she has been working as a teacher of informatics and special disciplines at Beineu Polytechnic College. From December 2018 he has been working as a deputy director for information technology at the college.

In October 2008, she won the 2nd place in the regional competition “Best Computer Science” and in the same year she was recognized as the winner of the cognitive competition “Daraboz”, which was held at the regional workshop on “Teaching Natural Sciences with Special Subjects”. In 2011, the alternative textbook “Oil and gas business” was approved at the Supreme Council of the region and in October 2011 was published 180 copies of the national publishing house “Evero” and received author’s certificate. In 2014, she won three prize-winning places at the regional competition “Altyn Disk” among computer science teachers. 2015 At the regional scientific-practical conference “Teaching of pedagogical personnel in conditions of upgrading of technical and vocational education system” the best report of the theme “The use of smart education in education – a modern requirement” was recognized as the best.

There is also a great deal of work on directing students to creative work and scientific work. The testimony of Bakhytgaly Abdrakhmanov in 2018 has won the 3rd place in the regional championship “WorldSkills Aktau”. At the same time, it organizes distance learning for students to improve their knowledge. Murzagali Igilik holds a certificate of “CIO (Kazakhstan Internet Olympiad)” (2018), Ilyasov Nurbol II place in the International Business Acoustic Tournament (2018), Ilyasov Nurbol “Planet Skills” on the basis of the International Education Project “Planet Education” 2 place (2017), Bakhtybayeva Asemay 2 place (2017) on the Republican distance competition “Planet Skills” on the basis of the International Educational Project “Planet Skills”, Sailauova Ulbols on the basis of the International Planet Skills educational project “Planet Skills” Republican distance 3rd place (2017).

Publications in regional and republican editions:

The article “How to improve student’s creative abilities” was published in the journal “Kazakh educator” from the special issue of 2018, “The use of smart education in education – a requirement of modernity” from the magazine “Fundamentals of Informatics” № 4, 2015, “Testing in Delphi Program” The article “E-School”, issue No. 3, 2015, “We are old enough for one year” is available in number 2 of the journal “Fundamentals of Informatics” in 2015.

Anir Kamysbaevna Umirzakova was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Department of Education of the Mangistau Region in 2017 for her achievements in the field of quality education and conscious education, and in 2019 she was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science.