Plan of the Resource Center at the Beyneus Polytechnic College for the 2019-2020 academic year

ContentTime spendingяResponsible
1Drawing up a development program for a resource (training) center that defines the direction of development of activity and representation in the relevant executive, constituent bodies.During the yearHead of Resource Center
2Provide with normative, legal acts, concept, instructions, as well as programs that ensure the development and improvement of the resource (training) centerDuring the yearHead of the Resource Center, heads of institutions
3Formation of study groups and scheduling training
During the year
Head of the Resource Center, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
4Obtain a license for a training center for new popular specialties related to the opening of a resource (training) center and short-term courses for the training of previously existing workers in the enterprise. Particular attention is paid to the quality of skilled workers who are manufactured from the center in accordance with demand. To do this, it is necessary: ​​- to adapt educational laboratories, workshops, sites according to the types of workers studied, learn new technologies, theoretically and practically improve. Review curricula in accordance with the requirements of new standards by type of specialty. Drawing up curricula for curricula, coordinating classes with students coming from schools studying in accordance with the demand for working age, consolidating their theoretical knowledge, professional practical skills provided in workshops, laboratories and on-site. .
During the year
Head of the Resource Center, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
5Development of educational and methodological developments in accordance with modern production technologies of vocational education in the territory with industrial institutions
During the year
Head of the Resource Center, teachers of special disciplines
6Training of workers on the state program “Employment – 2020”.Constantly according to demandHead of Resource Center, Director
7Establishment of social partnership depending on the types of specialties studied at the center, conclusion of agreements with institutions, enterprises for the implementation of industrial and professional practice of students. – Coordination, organization and monitoring of the employment of graduates who have received a working profession.
During the year     
Director, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs. District Employment Department
8Strengthening the material and technical base of the resource centerConstantlyHead of Resource Center
9Conducting production meetings between students and employers’ organizationsSince 2018 constantlyHead of Resource Center
10Organization of excursions to production facilitiesAccording to the schedule of the educational processHead of the Resource Center, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
11Information services for industrial institutions on new training technologies in accordance with specialtiesDuring the year      Head of Resource Center
12Collaboration with the district chamber of entrepreneurs and its district and city departments.During the yearHead of Resource Center, Director
13Internship of teachers and masters of vocational training at the center for training workers. Training in continuing education courses, participation in seminars, competitions, taking measures to improve. Educational – methodical manual with public funds. Coverage of students and pupils with textbooks, electronic textbooks, completing their missing. Compilation and presentation of training estimates for the specialties studied in the resource (training) center. Achievement of full coverage by a demanded qualified working profession, depending on the location of the resource (training) center for production of goods produced in the Resource (training) center for attracting investments, with the aim of improving the center’s work and replenishing the personnel potential During the year        Head of the Resource Center Deputy Methodist at College College Manager Librarian Direktor Economist Director Staff Division Director
14Organization of professional skills contests in the specialties
During the year  
Head of Resource Center
15Formation of a database of graduates and their employment.II half of 2017Head of Resource Center
16Communication with the media, promotion of educational activities.
During the year
Head of the Resource Center of the Deputy Director for Education
17Entering information about the work of the resource center on the college website.During the yearHead of Resource Center