IT centre

RULES of the IT center for competencies based on Worldskills requirements


1.1. The IT Competence Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) was created with the aim of introducing information technologies and coordinating all the center’s information services, as well as providing training for students in IT competencies based on Worldskills requirements, as well as improving the informational support of the educational process.

1.2. The center is a structural unit of the material and technical base of the state communal state-owned enterprise “Beineu Polytechnic College” (hereinafter – the College).

1.3.The center implements a systematic form of education, which provides the opportunity to receive education for students of various educational organizations with high and innovative technologies on the basis of the college.

1.4. The activities of the center are guided by the following:

  • Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Normative legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Rules and orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • College charter
  • General Charter of the Center
  • Other regulatory documents of the Center

1.5. The center provides paid educational services on the basis of contracts concluded for work carried out at training sites.

1.6. The center is headed by a manager who is appointed as the director of the Beineu Polytechnic College.

1.7. Monitoring the implementation of the goals, tasks and functions of the center is carried out by the head of the Center.

1.8. The Center reports to the Deputy Director for Information Technology and collaborates with all departments of the Center.

1.9. The center’s management provides the IT-competence center with office and industrial buildings, technical means (electronic computing, copying and duplicating equipment and their set), other necessary equipment in accordance with safety requirements and applicable sanitary standards.

1.10. The appointment and dismissal of the head of the Center is made by order of the director of the college.

1.11. Employees of the IT Competence Center are responsible for the efficient use and storage of the Center’s property and materials.

1.12. At the end of each academic year, the IT Competence Center presents an annual report on the work done by the college administration.

1.13. The full name of the center: IT-competence center based on the requirements of World Skills at GKKP “Beineu Polytechnic College”.


The main goals of the IT center:

2.1 The creative group of the Center equips with interactive mock-ups and virtual simulators that meet modern requirements and demanded specialties.

2.2 Preparing students for certain conditions of IT competence for the national Worldskills championship

2.3 Providing college subject rooms, computer classes, the educational process of the subject-methodological association with modern technical and software computing tools.

2.4 Carrying out repair and maintenance work on the system and maintenance of a personal computer.

2.5 Planning, accounting, control, organization and resolution of issues on the operation of computer equipment in college and center.

2.6. Organization of paid short-term training in IT specialties

2.7. Providing methodological and practical assistance to subject methodological associations when using curricula, electronic textbooks (including distance learning).

2.8 The participation of the center in the scientific – technical and educational work at the college.

2.9 Assisting the student with the aim of acquiring practical skills on the computer by the Center staff.


The main goals of the IT center:

3.1 Analysis of the effectiveness of the use of information technology and information equipment of the educational process.

3.2 Creation, operation of a local computer network and development of Internet access.

3.3 Maximum development and improvement of the use of information technology both in the educational process and in the management of the center

3.4 Service center staff in accordance with modern information technology.

3.5 Training of specialists in various professional educational programs based on modern information and computer technologies.

3.6 Provision of programs and work in accordance with the annual and current plan.

3.7 Development and implementation of a strategic program for the computerization of the college, the introduction of information technology in the educational process and the activities of the Center’s units, equipping with computer classes, computerization software.

3.8 Support for educational and scientific activities of the Center with computer technical equipment.

3.9 Strengthening business ties with IT centers of other educational organizations.

3.10 Implementation of economic and economic activities based on the recommendations of an IT-competent center.


4.1. Funds received from paid services

4.1.1. Incentives for teachers and remuneration in the center are 40% of the total income of the center (including taxes), which is directly involved in the provision of paid educational services.

4.1.2. Labor costs of employees of the managerial, administrative, computational department and college as a whole account for 10% of total income.

4.1.3. 50% of the funds received from paid educational services are directed to the manufacture of products in industrial training workshops, for certain purposes. At the suggestion of the head of the department’s department, the directors of the college are sent to events aimed at modernizing and strengthening the material and technical base of the college.


5.1 The center has the right:

5.1.1. Participate in the discussion, resolving issues related to the activities of the college, as well as other structural units;

5.1.2. To participate in all meetings, meetings on issues under consideration related to educational and educational work;

5.1.3. Request information from management or specialists of other structural divisions with the necessary documents for the service;

5.1.4. In accordance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, seek help from the college leadership for the purpose of financial assistance or material incentives for employees;

5.1.5. Make suggestions on improving the department or improving its working methods;

5.1.6. Improving the professional training of department employees through internships or advanced training;

5.1.7. The provision of college educational services on a paid basis may be subject to:

– Providing students and students with paid education according to an individual curriculum or curriculum in accordance with the application of the customer;

– The relationship between the service provider and the customer is paid on a contract basis.


6.1The center carries out its work by order of the director of the college by decision of the pedagogical council of the college in the manner prescribed by law;

6.2. If the center closes, all its documents are sent to the college archive in the prescribed manner.


7.1. The composition of the Center consists of the following staff units:

 –  Head of IT Competence Center

 –  System Administrator

 – Center specialists – 2 units