Deputy head on educational-upbringing work


Issatayev Rahmetulla Amantayevich was born on May 19, 1992 and was accepted to the secondary school named after Y. Altynsarin in 1998. From 2007 to 2010 he worked in the Beineu professional Lyceum as “Operator of Oil and Gas Wells”, 2010-2013 years in the Aktau Transport College of KazATC named after M.Tynyshpayev, “Organization and Management of Rail Transportation”, in 2013-2016, He graduated from the Department of Transport, Traffic and Transport Operation. He began his career in 2010 at the State Enterprise “Beineu professional Lyceum”. From September 2019 he has been working as a deputy director for educational work at the “Beineu Polytechnic College”.

Achievements: 2011 – “Letter of Appreciation” of the Department of Internal Policy

of the district.

2012 “Letter of Appreciation” of Beyneu Polytechnic College

“Letter of Appreciation” of the district department of education in


2014 “Letter of Appreciation” of the district department of internal


For the contribution to the implementation of the Youth Policy in 2014

“Letter of Appreciation” by akim of the region

2014 Zhasyl el regional youth labor group

Nomination “Best Soldier”

2015 Beineu district branch of “Nur Otan” party

“Letter of Appreciation”

2015 “Letter of Appreciation” of the “Nur Otan” party “Zhas Otan”

2016  Contribution to the development of technical and vocational


Letter of Appreciation of the Deputy Akim of the region

“Letter of Appreciation” by District Youth Resource Center in 2019

2019 “Letter of thanks”from the Akim of the district for his active participation in public works and contribution to the development of youth policy

2019 “Certificate of honor”of the Regional Department of education for its contribution to the strengthening of the unity of our country and education of the younger generation

2020 “Letter of thanks”from the Akim of the region for his selfless compassion, high civic position and active participation in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic within the framework of the International Youth Day

2021 “Letter of thanks”from the Akim of the region for his active participation in the election election of the party, which was held for the first time at the national level in Kazakhstan on the initiative of elbasy, Chairman of the Nur Otan Party N. A. Nazarbayev

2021 “Letter of thanks” by N. A. Nazarbayev for his active contribution to the victory of the Nur Otan Party in the elections of Deputies of the Mazhilis and maslikhats of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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