Deputy head on production master


Muratov Tore was born 11th august district Kandykol,village Sary altyn. In 1988-1999 years he finished the school named after by Aimbetov. In 2000-2004 he graduated from the Tashkent statue Agricultural university in Nukus, majoring in Mechanization Agrarian university in Nukus specialty Mechanization In 2008 year he was been working Beineu special teacher at the Polytechic college. Awards: 2012 year Beineu at the Department of Education “Honorable Diploma”. 2004 “Honorable Diploma ” of the Regioual Education Department.

In 2015 september A.Ordabayev, T.Muratov were author of special technology discipline for the specialty “Automobile use, repair and maintenance” (3rd books) was published in the publishing house “Evro” in Almaty and was distributed in the republic.

Starting from 2018 academic year, he has been Deputy Director for Production Education.