Deputy head of professional training


Uzbekova Akzharkyn Talapovna graduated from APII, faculty of the German language, began her pedagogical work from the Abai secondary school as a teacher of the German language. During 10 years of work at the school, her students like Dzhentrova Aisulu, Zhanbyrbaeva Ulmeken, Zhanbyrbaeva Nurgul showed good results at the German Olympiad in regional olympiads. After graduating from the philological faculty of West Kazakhstan University with a degree in teacher of Russian language and literature, she received a second higher education.Since 2005, she has been working in the GKKP “Beineu Polytechnic College” as a teacher of Russian language and literature. In 2016, he held the position of methodologist, and since 2016, she was the deputy director for scientific and methodological work.2013,2014, her students J. Nauryzov, Қ. Asanov took prize, ІІ and ІІІ places at the regional stage of the scientific-practical conference of the Public Association “Small Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”In 2015, she spoke at an international conference on the basis of the Daryn Center for Continuing Education in Uralsk with a report entitled “Functioning of the Concept of Labor in Russian Kazakh Paremias.” The work was published in the 8th collection of “Conceptual and linguistic worlds.”In 2014, the methodological council of the TVE of the Mangistau region approved (March 12, 2014 protocol No.1) a developed vocabulary of professional terms for the profession “Specialists of catering enterprises.” At the moment, she is working on a training complex in the discipline “Professional Russian Language”.As a result of the effective management of scientific and methodological activities in the college, college teachers achieved high achievements in regional and republican competitions of professional mastery: “The best teacher of the year” (2014,2016), master classes, etc. Work with young specialists is also reaping its benefits: the Birlik and Zhalyn teams at the rally of young specialists in 2012 – first place, 2015 – 2nd place.In 2014, at the regional competition “Best Methodologist of the Year” took the II place.In 2015, she made a report «Инновация және тәжірибе – сапалы маман дайындаудың басты бағыты with a report «Ұстаз мұраты – шығармашылық ізденіс және кәсіби даму»   2017 participated in the reginalnoy scientific and practical on-line conference ” Техникалық және кәсіптік білім берудегі жаңашылдық: тәжірибе, мәселелер және   даму келешегі ” with the report “Preparation of teachers of vocational training to meet the requirements of a modern education system.”A clear organization of methodological work in college at competitions among vocational education institutions yielded high results: first place “Best methodological activity in TVE” and “Best vocational education institution”.

For a significant contribution to the field of education has the following awards:

2010 “Honorary diploma” of the District Department of Education,

2011 “ Honorary diploma ” of the Education Department of the Mangystau Region,

2013 “Diploma” of the Training and Methodological Cabinet of the TVE of the Mangystau reg,

2016 “Honorary” of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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