The name of the competence Supervizor
1 Mobile robotics Ayapov E.Z.
2 Graphic Engineering CAD Sultangaliyev E.M.
3 IT Network Systems Administration Kuandykov R.K.
4 Graphic design Sart M.T.
5 The development of multimedia applications and computer games Nurumov B.S.
6Prototype Modelling Tenizbayeva.A.A.
7Web DesignAtchybayeva I.D.
8IT software solution for businessAbdiyeva S.M.
9 Video production Alzhan Zh.K.
10Baker’s workBekeeva R.I.
11 Signaling, centralization, blocking and automation, 
equipment repair, maintenance
Kazieva G.A.
Information cable network

13Elektromontage worksMuratov E.K.
14Automobile services and repairOserbayev E.R.
15СookingTanatarova A.Sh.