Methodical works

The methodological work of the college – using the latest approaches to teaching and implementing the prerequisites for its development and formation, is based on the model and methods of work.

The purpose of the methodological work is the development of professional competencies of the teaching staff, the provision of comprehensive assistance, the creation of conditions for creative activity, the creation and improvement of the information and methodological base. In the 2016-2017 academic year, in accordance with the approved plan of the scientific and methodological work of the college and the plan of the regional methodological office, a certain work was carried out in the college. According to the plan of the methodological work of the college, 6, 2 extraordinary methodological councils and meetings of the Moscow Region passed. All past events were discussed at the methodological council during.

Conducting a subject week, certification of teachers, preparing students for intercollegiate and regional subject Olympiads, disseminating advanced pedagogical experience in the field of applying new innovative technologies, ways to improve the quality of education through focusing on results, sharing experience on introducing effective teaching technologies in college practice, exchanging regulatory documents and teaching experience. – Methodological reports and discussions on the necessary topics were heard.

Plan methodical work SCCE “Beyneu Technical College” in the 2019-2020 academic year